Special things

Stars on the canvas

I was allowed to portray Ellen Vogel on television

Participation Stars on the canvas

I was invited to participate in the television program Sterren op het Doek in 2013. I was allowed to make a portrait of the actress Ellen Vogel. The unveiling was in the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam. Van Gogh's famous bedroom in the background! The broadcast was on December 14, 2013. I wasn't 'the winner' but it was a great experience and honor!

Coffee time

Loretta Schrijver and me

On television at Koffietijd

In honor of Animal Day, I was invited on October 3, 2014 to show my works at the television program Koffietijd. As a surprise I had made a portrait of Loretta Schrijver, which I gave to her during this broadcast. She was so very happy! A nice experience and a great stage is the television, it gave me many assignments.

National Portrait Competition 2013

Mayor of Breda hands over the prize

Winner of National Portrait Contest 2013

In 2013 I participated in the National Portrait Competition for the succession of the throne, you had to make a portrait of our future King Willem Alexander. I won the professional jury prize of €1000.00. In the Grote Kerk in Breda, the announcement of who had won the first prize was on January 27, the birthday of our new king! I was the king too rich!

Willem Alexander

Limburg court

State portraits

In October 2013 I participated in a major exhibition of King's portraits in the Court of Maastricht of only official portraits. Courts in the Netherlands could, if desired, choose a beautiful portrait of our king for their court. The District Court of Limburg chose my portrait for all their 17 courtrooms, they were delivered in January 2014.

Willem Alexander

Court of Zeeland-West Brabant

More state portraits

The Zeeland-West-Brabant District Court, consisting of Breda, Tilburg, Bergen op Zoom and Middelburg, has a portrait of our king made by me. No fewer than 11 works, including the original in Breda, have been hanging there since 2015. It was extremely special that my daughter was sworn in as a lawyer in the Breda District Court in August 2023. We were allowed to stand together at the portrait of our king! Who would have ever thought that...

Culture Prize Veldhoven 2018

In Theater de Schalm for an interview

Winner Culture Prize Veldhoven 2018

I was awarded the Culture Prize Veldhoven 2018. A very great honor. I was handed a beautiful bronze feather and I was offered a solo exhibition throughout Veldhoven for the duration of six months. Festively opened by mayor Marcel Delhez. In 'de Verdieping', a room in the Town Hall, the library, theater de Schalm and the music school, around fifty of my works hung. An interview for the Veldhoven public and local television was also part of this. Awesome!!

Hielkema versus Warhol

Municipal Museum Vianen

Exhibition of great works of Beatrix in pictures 2021-2022

'My' Beatrixes were also allowed to hang in a major exhibition “Beatrix in the picture” with the most famous top works by Princess Beatrix in the Stedelijk Museum Vianen. Many official portraits, paintings, serigraphs preliminary studies for original works, designs of stamps and coins, sculptures and photographs. To be in the company of works by Herman Curtain, Jeroen Henneman, Marte Röling. Opposite Andy Warhol and next to a beautiful Corbijn, that feels very special.

Blue blood

Eindhoven daily newspaper

'My' Beatrixen opposite Andy Warhol on television at Blauw Bloed

Two portraits made by me were allowed to participate in a major retrospective in the Stedelijk Museum Vianen between celebrities such as Andy Warhol and Röling. My portraits and many beautiful, very famous portraits of Princess Beatrix were also featured on the television program Blue Blood on Saturday, October 23, 2021 7:45 pm NPO 2. You can watch this broadcast via this link:


Hans-Peter Minderhoud

Horse on the canvas

Portrait Olympic horse Glock's Johnson

I was asked by the horse magazine Hoefslag if I wanted to participate in 'Horse on the canvas'. Three artists had to make a portrait of the famous Olympic horse Glock's Johnson. The unveiling was at the beautiful stables with luxury riding school at Hans Peter Minderhoud. Glock's Johnson approached with the Dutch flag over his back, moving. A nice article in Hoefslag! 

Queen Maxima

at the MMC Veldhoven

Queen Máxima in MMC 2023

The portrait I made of Queen Máxima was purchased by the MMC Máxima Medical Center Veldhoven. In her lips you will find a forest with a pond and many animals! Proud that she can stay there! Still at the main entrance of the beautiful hospital! 

100 years Veldhoven

Forever in Museum 't Oude Slot

100 years Veldhoven

I made this work on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the municipality of Veldhoven. On display are the very first mayor of Veldhoven Van Hooff and current mayor Delhez. In the background an old map of the municipality of Veldhoven with the villages. I donated the work to the municipality, it hung there for a while and now it can go to Museum 't Oude Slot forever. How nice! A beautiful location.

Generation portrait

youngest Janus won the 2023 Dakar rally


Proud that I could make a great work for the wonderful company AC van Kasteren in Veldhoven. Three generations can be seen in this work, namely Grandpa Janus van Kasteren, son Janus van Kasteren and also his son Janus van Kasteren. A special car can be seen next to each portrait. The youngest Janus, bottom left in the family portrait, participates very successfully in the Dakar rally! Very nice!



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